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Audio Dance Parade Episode 3 by DJ Orion Keyser


Here is the latest episode of Audio Dance Parade! It’s a sexy electro mix created live using all vinyl!   The mix came just in time for the big day on Saturday, May 21st. Click the image above to listen to two previous mixes by Greg Womack and DJ Pied Piper and to find out […]

Audio Dance Parade Episode One : “Dance Forever” by Greg Womack


Every May in New York City, Dance Parade shakes up The Big Apple by providing an outlet for all forms of expression through dance to come together on one single day. The 5th Annual Dance Parade will take place on Saturday, May 21st. The Parade rocks down Broadway from 21st Street, takes a left on […]

Attention Turntablists! Submit your mix to the brand new Audio Dance Parade!


Dance Parade NYC introduces a brand new way to celebrate dance…The Audio Dance Parade.   We are looking for mix maestros, turntablists and masters of the ones and twos to submit approximately one hour long mix sessions for our new podomatic page Audio Dance Parade!   Promote yourself while promoting the magical art form of […]