Every May in New York City, Dance Parade shakes up The Big Apple by providing an outlet for all forms of expression through dance to come together on one single day. The 6th Annual Dance Parade will take place on Saturday, May 19th. The Parade rocks down Broadway from 21st Street, takes a left on St. Mark’s Place and culminates in Tompkins Square Park with DanceFest.

AUDIO DANCE PARADE is a way to keep the beat going all year long featuring DJ mixes from artists all over the world celebrating dance music from all cultures and all music styles! To find out how you can submit please email Chauncey@danceparade.org for more information. We are looking for approximately one hour long mix sessions from house to techno to bhangra to country western to middle eastern and more!

This episode features a masterful, crafty mix by Coach “Michael” Roebuck called “Playbook 7”

Who is Coach Roebuck?   


Disco never died. It went underground. The sun is staring to shine.  Disco is back, and being done properly. Coach Roebuck takes credit for helping bring disco back into the spotlight.

Originally from the hills of West Virginia, the Coach was exposed to a wide variety of music that ranged from 80s funk, rock, pop, R&Band Hip-Hop to Mo-Town hits on 7″ vinyl. His horizons began to broadened during college, in the form of attending warehouse parties, first as a participant, later as a DJ. A window of opportunity inspired Coach Roebuck to turn from building music software to producing music seriously in June 2004. As a means to help expose his music, the Coach became a DJ.

Soon the Coach started to travel up and down the East Coast shamelessly promoting himself with inspiration. As word got out regionally, the Coach began to teach the people a thing or two about his house music The Coach found himself playing the filtered funky disco at parties both domestically and abroad, playing in warehouse parties, nightclubs, and music festivals, from Miami to Chicago, while building a very loyal following locally. Although the Coach has not officially toured, his resume consists of rocking parties in some of the most unlikely places, ranging from West Virginia, Arkansas, and Kansas, to as far away as Switzerland and Costa Rica.





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Join Dance Parade New York at our very first Social of our 6th season! Socials are a way for the staff to blow off some steam and do what we came here to do in the first place : DANCE!

It is also an opportunity for new and prospectiv

e volunteers to see what we are all about and get to know each other in a more relaxed, party atmosphere.

NYC Barn Dance is back at The Philip Coltoff Center!


Clogging workshop and square/contradance instruction

8-11 Dance

The Philip Coltoff Center
219 Sullivan St. btwn. Bleecker & W. 3rd
$15 / $12 (seniors/students)
Beer & Wine Available

More info

The NYC Barn Dance was created by David Harvey in October 2006 as a monthly event designed to give New Yorkers an opportunity to experience through dance the traditional dance music being played in the city and elsewhere. This experience stands in stark contrast to how this music is often experienced in NYC: at spaces where dancing is difficult or prohibited. Solid turnout, strong reviews by attendees and musicians, and the renewal of a New York State Council on the Arts grant have all served as proof that the event is a welcome and valuable addition to the New York City social landscape. The Barn Dance is a fully participatory, traditional, social dance event, and attendees are invited to participate as dancers regarldless of experience.


Dance Parade is looking for a few good men and women to join the force…the New York Dance Police!

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NOTE: Specific meeting location will be updated Saturday, October 29th…

Dress Comfortably, Dress Sexy, but bare in mind it’s going to be chilly. The idea is to look as much as the NYC Police as possible (minus the guns, of course). So either wear black or navy, black shoes or boots if possible. We will provide Hats, Whistles and Badges.

Members of the NYDP peruse the crowd and issue out summonses to those not enjoying themselves,  standing still and looking like they’re simply not having a good time!   Enforcing positive energy and sheer fun is the mantra of the NYDP and local dance companies and schools have offered discount passes and coupons for free classes in which we disguise as ‘tickets’ promoting our annual parade and festival.
To join the New York Dance Police please contact Captain Susan at susan@danceparade.org for more information.   The Halloween Parade is the perfect initiation for sure!

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DNA SEEDS Program Fall 2011!

School for
Education of
at Dance New Amsterdam!

DNA is happy to begin offering classes for young dancers in the spirit of excellence that our adult classes follow. Age-appropriate dance concepts will be introduced in a relaxed and creative environment, and each dancer will be encouraged to find her or his own dancing spirit!
Each course offers two 45-minute class periods every Saturday, beginning September 10, 2011.  A sampler of dance styles lets your young dancer explore the excitement of dance. The end of the session will culminate in a showcase which families and friends are welcome to attend. Get ready to come see your dancer shine!

Dance genres offered will include:

  • Ballet
  • Jazz
  • Tap
  • Hip-Hop
  • Modern
  • Flamenco
  • Improvisation
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SEEKING Dancers, Choreographers, Percussionists, Body Painters, Photographers, Videographers, and advance & on-site Event Organizers for:


A “Be-In” Music Video Documentary – on September 11th, 2011.

If you want to participate, please contacts us ASAP!

Contact: CelebrationofLifeNYC@gmail.com

Find “Celebration of Life! Be-In” on Facebook

View this video invitation.

Important: the rain dates are wrong on the video

they are Sept. 24th, or if rain, Sept. 25th

Read more information on the event here:

We will work together to produce a music video to “Mankind” by MAURI (lyrics attached). Dancers in body paint will dance with Judith’s staffs and honor the earth by creating movement in the garden in response to the song accompanied by live music and improvisational song.

Here’s a link to the tune –


and let it get into your body – music and lyrics at this link.


Dancers will be asked to responded with the environment, attendees and each other, and to the lyrics of the song, as instructed by Sylvana.

Dancers will also be asked to pose in “statue forms” for video and still photos, in poses similar to Judith’s “Self Portrait” drawings at the following in link.

Please study these poses and be ready to re-create them as exactly as possible.

The final edit will fade from drawing to live dancer.


Plan for the Day – September 11th –

Arrive in garden and report to Sylvana by 1:00 pm sharp.

We will shoot video of dancers moving through the garden space and also to the song “Mankind” at least once or twice an hour, between 2:30 (or whenever 2 dancers are painted) – 5 pm or as late as we can go (or until it gets too dark for video).

Approximately 4:00 pm, Deborah Shelton will lead a vocal/movement improve and at least most dancers should be involved so that we can get audio and interesting movement. Dancers are encouraged to dance with attendees, respond to percussion, etc. After the sun starts to set, dancers can dance with the attendees, perform at Sylvana’s instruction, etc.

We are seeking as much ethnic diversity as possible. If possible it would be great to have at least some dancers made up like these incredibly beautiful images in this slideshow below … But we don’t know if the body painters can do it or if we have what we need to make it happen. But the idea of closeness to the earth –or – representing divers cultures is what we are seeking:


More of these images – incredible!



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Join The Dance Parade Team on Saturday,  June 11, at 11am for a potluck picnic!

We will be meeting in front of the first yellow house in the parade grounds (off ferry, up hill to the left)

Rain/alternate date Sunday, June 12 at noon
New Dance Parade Volunteers welcome!

What is FIGMENT?

FIGMENT is a non-profit project that promotes “participatory art”.   In parallel to Dance Parade, FIGMENT has grown in popularity over the past 5 years and is an all volunteer organization.  The FIGMENT festival takes over Governor’s Island starting June 10th and incorporates many of the participatory, environmental and non-commercial principles of Burning Man. It is now in three other U.S. cities in addition to New York.

Stay tuned for further information from DJ McDonald


Free ferry service on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday runs from The Battery Maritime Building located adjacent to the Staten Island Ferry in Lower Manhattan, as well as on Saturday and Sunday from Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 6, at the end of Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn.

Please note – the ferry schedule is different each day, so make sure you check Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You can view the complete schedule on the Governors Island website.


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Here is the latest episode of Audio Dance Parade! It’s a sexy electro mix created live using all vinyl!   The mix came just in time for the big day on Saturday, May 21st.

Click the image above to listen to two previous mixes by Greg Womack and DJ Pied Piper and to find out how you can submit a mix yourself and help spread the word all year long about the magic that is Dance Parade New York City

Orion Keyser has been DJing parties in New York City clubs, bars, loft spaces, and outdoor festivals since 2002. His selections favor heavy doses of funky beats, dirty basslines and sexy samples. Orion’s collaborations & productions have been released on Aww Yeah Records, Audiofase Recordings, Mixtill6 Records, Off The Charts Records and Sleevin Records. Orion lives and works in New York City, where the pulse of city life inspires the vibe he brings to the party.

an all vinyl dj mix:

01. Cityspeak – Hystereo
02. Bassline – Electrixx
03. Strangest Things (M.A.N.D.Y. mix) – Freeform Five
04. Funkdation (Access Denied remix) – BSD
05. Mierda – Andrea Lai
06. Frequency (NAPT remix) – Slyde
07. Generation Noise – Laidback Luke & Roman Salzger feat. Boogshe
08. Blue Steel – Troublegum
09. Right Now (Dopamine Remix) – Lee Coombs & Uberzone
10. Shadowchaser – Funk D’Void
11. Majestic – Sébastien Léger
12. Escape – The Scumfrog feat. Polina
13. Meteor Shower – Richard Bartz
14. Long Train Running (Jamie Lewis psyco disco mix) – Tom Johnson


To honor the victims of the all too recent Japanese earthquake and subsequent tsunami, Dance Parade has chosen The 10tecomai Yosakoi Dance Project to lead The 5th Annual Dance Parade this year.   Lining up at 21st Street and Broadway,  the group which uniquely blends Traditional and Contemporary Japanese Dance will be the very first of our 160 groups to make their way downtown at 1pm.   10tecomai recently lent their talents to our March fundraiser at Alpha Fusion Restaurant in March,  their passionate performance just days after the Japanese tragedy rocked the world.   When trying to decided which of our illustrious groups should be first in line,  the answer was not hard to find at all.  Please make sure you get to the parade on time for this will be a memorable and honorable moment in today’s milestone event.

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The body goes beyond words.

It is neither a full length novel nor a two hour theatrical play.
All is dedicated in a song that does not even last a mere five minutes.
There, lies an almost tragic, yet passionate expression of emotion.

Japanese culture and hundreds of other cultures
Our project’s foundation is created when these meet.
It is based on a traditional yet contemporary dance form called Yosakoi.

While holding a prop called “Naruko” in both hands,
The dancers intensely and dramatically dance as the chanter’s cryinstigates the piece.

Various expression is created when all of the above is combined.

“10tecomai”, a Yosakoi Dance Project.
This dance won’t stop.
This dance can’t be stopped.

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Get your tickets now to The Official Dance Parade 2011 After Party @ Webster Hall

Circus Night : “Viduata”

Dance Parade celebrates its fifth year down Broadway and across Saint Marks into Tompkins Square Park. DanceFest follows till 7pm. After you get yourself a scrumptious dinner, come join us at Webster Hall for the official Dance Parade After Party. 100% of Pre-Sale tickets go to Dance Parade ($15 Reduced / $30 Door)

Buy your presale tickets here

Webster Hall is located at 125 East 11th Street

Presale Tickets : $15

General Admission at Door : $30

Featuring DJs
Been Jammin’
Joro Boro
Lindsay Luv
Mike Chach

Plus Fire Performers
Stilt Walkers
Aerial Performers


Circus Artists are major contributers at the annual Burning Man festival, and at Regional Burning Man events here in New York City.  Burning Man is a week-long Art Festival held in Black Rock City in northern Nevada.  Burning Man is a celebration of art, community, and radical self-expression.   These artists are lighting up the 2011 Dance Parade with their art, dance, circus skills, music, and costuming!    

A large community of artists in New York City collaborate on local events, performances, and large-scale collaborative artwork. 

Dance Parade is revered as one of the  favorite celebrations of participatory art and culture. 

Often providing the public with family-friendly events and art, several artists will offer free face-painting to fellow dancers and artists, and offer a face-painting booth for children at the DanceFest in Tompkins Square Park. 

Sixteen groups of circus artists and Burning Man community members will perform at the Dance Parade and DanceFest, and showcase their artistic expression with music, art cars and colorful costumes. 

Catch the Electric Bubble Bus , the Kostume Kult float, the Burning Elf’s 8 foot Toad with built lights and sound system, Michael White’s “Boom Trike” and a big showing from the House of Yes.  

Circus Performers, Dancers, and Other groups include:

The House of Yes:

Aerial Dance and Circus Performers 

Body & Pole/Pole Riders:

Pole Dance 


Cookie Clown Collaborators:

Clown Dance


Crazytown Couture:



Downtown Live:

Drum and Dance Improv


Giant Dancing Divas:

Stilt Dance


Grassroots Community Space:

Drum and Dance Improv



Hoopers, Circus, StreetdanceBreak Beats


PoleRiders, Shockra Studio:

Pole Dance


Sirelo Entertainment:

Drum and Dance Improv


Trance Family:



Willy Whompa:

Glitch/ West Coast Dub

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