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10tecomai Yosakoi Dance Project lead The 5th Annual Dance Parade in honor of JAPAN!


To honor the victims of the all too recent Japanese earthquake and subsequent tsunami, Dance Parade has chosen The 10tecomai Yosakoi Dance Project to lead The 5th Annual Dance Parade this year. Lining up at 21st Street and Broadway, the group which uniquely blends Traditional and Contemporary Japanese Dance will be the very first of our 160 groups to make their way downtown at 1pm. 10tecomai recently lent their talents to our March fundraiser at Alpha Fusion Restaurant in March, their passionate performance just days after the Japanese tragedy rocked the world. When trying to decided which of our illustrious groups should be first in line, the answer was not hard to find at all. Please make sure you get to the parade on time for this will be a memorable and honorable moment in today’s milestone event.

Dance Parade 2011 Grand Marshal : Kat Wildish


Kat Wildish 2011 Grand Marshall Kat Wildish is a New York City master ballet and pointe teacher currently on faculty at The Ailey Extension Program. She performed with New York City Ballet, American Ballet Theater, and numerous international companies including Zurich Ballet, Metropolitan Opera Ballet, and The Eglevsky Ballet. She is an ABT Certified Teacher […]

Tom and Zach get married in Dance Parade 2011!


Over the next eleven days before the big day on Saturday, May 21st, STEPS! will be sharing some of the major benchmark participants of Dance Parade 2011 to truly showcase how wonderfully diverse and all encompassing our event is! First up, our very own editor-in-chief Chauncey, who is a staunch advocate of equality for all and a heavy hitter on the Dance Parade Team this year as well, sat down with Tom and Zach who will be exchanging vows at the start of this year’s festivities and spending the rest of the day disco dancing with their friends and family on their very own float! Wear hot pink on the 21st to show your support for Tom and Zach! Here is the transcript of the landmark interview!

Dance Parade NYC Radio Interview on The Kiner Hour – Let’s Talk Dance with Ashani Mfuko


Learn all about the 2011 Dance Parade NYC in this episode of The Kiner Hour – Let’s Talk Dance with Ashani Mfuko.  “The Kiner Hour — Lets Talk Dance With Ashani Mfuko” is a feature internet radio show on the Talking Alternative Radio Broadcasting Network, which is also streamed live from the studio in New […]

The Oprah Winfrey Network wants you to DANCE!


OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) and VPE  (Vinnie Potestivo Entertainment) are currently seeking men, women and couples from the NYC Tri-State area who want to celebrate a unique moment in their lives through dance. Those chosen will be documented as they receive hands-on instruction from Louie Spence, a renowned British choreographer who uses dance to help […]

Join The Dance Parade Street Team!


JOIN THE DANCE PARADE STREET TEAM AND HELP MAKE THE FIFTH ANNUAL DANCE PARADE AND DANCEFEST THE BIGGEST YET! Dance Parade is looking for an extra team of volunteers to help promote this year’s Parade and Festival by taking to the streets, schools, clubs, bars, local community centers and other predesignated areas with posters and […]

Join The Virtual Dance Parade on #Foursquare!


CHECK IN TO DANCE PARADE NYC ON FOURSQUARE… EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU’RE DANCING! CLICK HERE TO VISIT OUR MOVING TARGET FOURSQUARE VENUE PAGE! Join our Virtual Dance Parade on FourSquare and connect with other dancers, dance lovers and other rhythmic folk in NYC and beyond!   Special incentives to be announced soon for anyone crowned […]

Dance Parade 2011 Season Has Begun!


      Expressive. Electric. Adrenaline driven. Promoting dance as a galvanizing art force, Dance Parade showcases dance in all its forms, educates the public about opportunities to experience dance, and celebrates the diversity of dance through a city-wide dance parade and festival, in the art and entertainment capitol of the world, New York city. […]

capturing the spectrum of dance parade by anita saha


a great dance parade set by kokyat