Audio Dance Parade Episode 4 : Playbook 7 by Coach “Michael” Roebuck

Every May in New York City, Dance Parade shakes up The Big Apple by providing an outlet for all forms of expression through dance to come together on one single day. The 6th Annual Dance Parade will take place on Saturday, May 19th. The Parade rocks down Broadway from 21st Street, takes a left on St. Mark’s Place and culminates in Tompkins Square Park with DanceFest.

AUDIO DANCE PARADE is a way to keep the beat going all year long featuring DJ mixes from artists all over the world celebrating dance music from all cultures and all music styles! To find out how you can submit please email for more information. We are looking for approximately one hour long mix sessions from house to techno to bhangra to country western to middle eastern and more!

This episode features a masterful, crafty mix by Coach “Michael” Roebuck called “Playbook 7”

Who is Coach Roebuck?

Disco never died. It went underground. The sun is staring to shine.  Disco is back, and being done properly. Coach Roebuck takes credit for helping bring disco back into the spotlight.

Originally from the hills of West Virginia, the Coach was exposed to a wide variety of music that ranged from 80s funk, rock, pop, R&Band Hip-Hop to Mo-Town hits on 7″ vinyl. His horizons began to broadened during college, in the form of attending warehouse parties, first as a participant, later as a DJ. A window of opportunity inspired Coach Roebuck to turn from building music software to producing music seriously in June 2004. As a means to help expose his music, the Coach became a DJ.

Soon the Coach started to travel up and down the East Coast shamelessly promoting himself with inspiration. As word got out regionally, the Coach began to teach the people a thing or two about his house music The Coach found himself playing the filtered funky disco at parties both domestically and abroad, playing in warehouse parties, nightclubs, and music festivals, from Miami to Chicago, while building a very loyal following locally. Although the Coach has not officially toured, his resume consists of rocking parties in some of the most unlikely places, ranging from West Virginia, Arkansas, and Kansas, to as far away as Switzerland and Costa Rica.

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