Howdy! Join us for the First Dance Parade Social of the season!




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Join Dance Parade New York at our very first Social of our 6th season! Socials are a way for the staff to blow off some steam and do what we came here to do in the first place : DANCE!

It is also an opportunity for new and prospectiv

e volunteers to see what we are all about and get to know each other in a more relaxed, party atmosphere.

NYC Barn Dance is back at The Philip Coltoff Center!


Clogging workshop and square/contradance instruction

8-11 Dance

The Philip Coltoff Center
219 Sullivan St. btwn. Bleecker & W. 3rd
$15 / $12 (seniors/students)
Beer & Wine Available

More info

The NYC Barn Dance was created by David Harvey in October 2006 as a monthly event designed to give New Yorkers an opportunity to experience through dance the traditional dance music being played in the city and elsewhere. This experience stands in stark contrast to how this music is often experienced in NYC: at spaces where dancing is difficult or prohibited. Solid turnout, strong reviews by attendees and musicians, and the renewal of a New York State Council on the Arts grant have all served as proof that the event is a welcome and valuable addition to the New York City social landscape. The Barn Dance is a fully participatory, traditional, social dance event, and attendees are invited to participate as dancers regarldless of experience.

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