Join the New York Dance Police (NYDP) at The 2011 Halloween Parade!

Dance Parade is looking for a few good men and women to join the force…the New York Dance Police!

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NOTE: Specific meeting location will be updated Saturday, October 29th…

Dress Comfortably, Dress Sexy, but bare in mind it’s going to be chilly. The idea is to look as much as the NYC Police as possible (minus the guns, of course). So either wear black or navy, black shoes or boots if possible. We will provide Hats, Whistles and Badges.

Members of the NYDP peruse the crowd and issue out summonses to those not enjoying themselves,  standing still and looking like they’re simply not having a good time!   Enforcing positive energy and sheer fun is the mantra of the NYDP and local dance companies and schools have offered discount passes and coupons for free classes in which we disguise as ‘tickets’ promoting our annual parade and festival.
To join the New York Dance Police please contact Captain Susan at for more information.   The Halloween Parade is the perfect initiation for sure!

click the citation to learn more about The NYDP!

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