Seeking Artists for CELEBRATION of LIFE!” – A “Be-In” & Music Video Documentary – on September 11th, 2011

SEEKING Dancers, Choreographers, Percussionists, Body Painters, Photographers, Videographers, and advance & on-site Event Organizers for:


A “Be-In” Music Video Documentary – on September 11th, 2011.

If you want to participate, please contacts us ASAP!


Find “Celebration of Life! Be-In” on Facebook

View this video invitation.

Important: the rain dates are wrong on the video

they are Sept. 24th, or if rain, Sept. 25th

Read more information on the event here:

We will work together to produce a music video to “Mankind” by MAURI (lyrics attached). Dancers in body paint will dance with Judith’s staffs and honor the earth by creating movement in the garden in response to the song accompanied by live music and improvisational song.

Here’s a link to the tune –


and let it get into your body – music and lyrics at this link.

Dancers will be asked to responded with the environment, attendees and each other, and to the lyrics of the song, as instructed by Sylvana.

Dancers will also be asked to pose in “statue forms” for video and still photos, in poses similar to Judith’s “Self Portrait” drawings at the following in link.

Please study these poses and be ready to re-create them as exactly as possible.

The final edit will fade from drawing to live dancer.

Plan for the Day – September 11th –

Arrive in garden and report to Sylvana by 1:00 pm sharp.

We will shoot video of dancers moving through the garden space and also to the song “Mankind” at least once or twice an hour, between 2:30 (or whenever 2 dancers are painted) – 5 pm or as late as we can go (or until it gets too dark for video).

Approximately 4:00 pm, Deborah Shelton will lead a vocal/movement improve and at least most dancers should be involved so that we can get audio and interesting movement. Dancers are encouraged to dance with attendees, respond to percussion, etc. After the sun starts to set, dancers can dance with the attendees, perform at Sylvana’s instruction, etc.

We are seeking as much ethnic diversity as possible. If possible it would be great to have at least some dancers made up like these incredibly beautiful images in this slideshow below … But we don’t know if the body painters can do it or if we have what we need to make it happen. But the idea of closeness to the earth –or – representing divers cultures is what we are seeking:

More of these images – incredible!

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