Circus Performers and Burning Man Artists Heat Up Dance Parade 2011

Circus Artists are major contributers at the annual Burning Man festival, and at Regional Burning Man events here in New York City.  Burning Man is a week-long Art Festival held in Black Rock City in northern Nevada.  Burning Man is a celebration of art, community, and radical self-expression.   These artists are lighting up the 2011 Dance Parade with their art, dance, circus skills, music, and costuming!    

A large community of artists in New York City collaborate on local events, performances, and large-scale collaborative artwork. 

Dance Parade is revered as one of the  favorite celebrations of participatory art and culture. 

Often providing the public with family-friendly events and art, several artists will offer free face-painting to fellow dancers and artists, and offer a face-painting booth for children at the DanceFest in Tompkins Square Park. 

Sixteen groups of circus artists and Burning Man community members will perform at the Dance Parade and DanceFest, and showcase their artistic expression with music, art cars and colorful costumes. 

Catch the Electric Bubble Bus , the Kostume Kult float, the Burning Elf’s 8 foot Toad with built lights and sound system, Michael White’s “Boom Trike” and a big showing from the House of Yes.  

Circus Performers, Dancers, and Other groups include:

The House of Yes:

Aerial Dance and Circus Performers 

Body & Pole/Pole Riders:

Pole Dance 


Cookie Clown Collaborators:

Clown Dance


Crazytown Couture:



Downtown Live:

Drum and Dance Improv


Giant Dancing Divas:

Stilt Dance


Grassroots Community Space:

Drum and Dance Improv



Hoopers, Circus, StreetdanceBreak Beats


PoleRiders, Shockra Studio:

Pole Dance


Sirelo Entertainment:

Drum and Dance Improv


Trance Family:



Willy Whompa:

Glitch/ West Coast Dub

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