See the NY Hustle Flash Mob at the Dance Parade

How many people will be in the flash mob?  Find out by joining us at the NYC Dance Parade. 

See the NY Hustle Flash Mob dancers at the NYC Dance Parade on Saturday, May 21, 2011.     

Erica Smith teamed up with Joyce Szili to co-choreograph the Official Hustle Flash Mob Choreography.

The Hustle Flash Mob Choreography will be danced to Lady Gaga’s popular hit song

Check out the Official NY Hustle Flash Mob Choreography by watching this video.  

 The NY Hustle Flash Mob is sponsored by Basic Ballroom NY

 Join us in Tompkins Square Park for the DanceFest following the parade, from 3-7 pm, and see more dance performances! 




2 Responses to “See the NY Hustle Flash Mob at the Dance Parade”

  1. Hi Jami,

    Thank you for your awesome job coordinating today’s NYC hustle flash mob

    Mindy and I were in the flash mob today int the parade and the dance fest. If anyone videoed the flash mob, especially at dance fest, where we did all three stages, we would love to see it.

    Great job,

    Ken and Mindy

  2. Someone just posted this on the WEB

    New York Hustle Flash Mob – May 21, 2011 Tompkins Square Park

    4 min – 4 hours ago – Uploaded by bedoucha

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