Audio Dance Parade Episode Two : DJ Pied Piper

Every May in New York City, Dance Parade shakes up The Big Apple by providing an outlet for all forms of expression through dance to come together on one single day. The 5th Annual Dance Parade will take place on Saturday, May 21st. The Parade rocks down Broadway from 21st Street, takes a left on St. Mark’s Place and culminates in Tompkins Square Park with DanceFest. To learn more about Dance Parade please visit Registration is FREE and so is the Parade and Festival!

Audio Dance Parade is a way to keep the beat going all year long featuring DJ mixes from artists all over the world celebrating dance music from all cultures and all music styles! To find out how you can submit please email for more information. We are looking for approximately one hour long mix sessions from house to techno to bhangra to country western to middle eastern and more!

click here to download and listen!


Seventh Avenue – Midnight In Manhattan (AVI Records 1979)
Seventh Avenue – New York’s On Fire (Mixed By Rick Gianatos) (AVI Records 1979)
Nuggets – New York (Mercury 1979)
Nuggets – Harlem Session (Mercury 1979)
Idris Muhammad – Dancing In The Land Of Lovely Ladies (Fantasy 1979)

Don Ray –  Standing In The Rain (12 Inch Mix) (Malligator 1978)
Gregg Diamond – Star Cruiser (Extended Version) (T.K. Disco 1978)
D.D. Sound – Boogie Bass (Album Version) (Baby Records 1977)
Stargard – Wear It Out (Instrumental) (Warner Bros. Records 1978)
Cappuccino – Lucky Woman (Black Sun 1980)

Lalomie Washburn – Man Power (Can You Do It) (Parachute Records 1977)
Boys Town Gang – Disco Kicks [12 Inch Extended Remix] (Moby Dick Records 1981)
Saturday Night Band – Come On Dance, Dance (Prelude Records 1978)

Pied Piper (Aliases: PP, DJPP, DJ Pied Piper, Mean Fiddler)
Professional DJ, producer, remixer, composer, mastering engineer, performer, collector, restorer, designer, writer, artist…
PP integrates his passion and knowledge for various types of 60’s and 70’s organic and electronic music  into a melting pot of dance music as both a producer and as a remixer, causing many to call his acid-disco. PP operates under a plethora of monikers for a multitude of real and imaginary underground and indy record labels.



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