Audio Dance Parade Episode One : “Dance Forever” by Greg Womack

Every May in New York City, Dance Parade shakes up The Big Apple by providing an outlet for all forms of expression through dance to come together on one single day. The 5th Annual Dance Parade will take place on Saturday, May 21st. The Parade rocks down Broadway from 21st Street, takes a left on St. Mark’s Place and culminates in Tompkins Square Park with DanceFest. To learn more about Dance Parade please visit Registration is FREE and so is the Parade and Festival!

Audio Dance Parade is a way to keep the beat going all year long featuring DJ mixes from artists all over the world celebrating dance music from all cultures and all music styles! To find out how you can submit please email for more information. We are looking for approximately one hour long mix sessions from house to techno to bhangra to country western to middle eastern and more!

click here to download and listen!

Here is a little bit about the amazing Greg Womack, the very first DJ to submit to the brand new Audio Dance Parade!
Greg Womack has been involved in the creative arts since he was a little child. Throughout his youth and school he often self taught himself to draw, paint, and do other creative things. He has always love music from being exposed to country and gospel since his father moonlighted in country western bands and often the entire family would spend weekend afternoons at bars and band members homes as they endlessly practiced their music. After graduating high school and winning and placing in many art shows and contests he stayed at his job at a print shop full time until he interviewed for a job as a graphic artists for a local TV station that evolved through several affiliations: FOX, THE WB, MYTV NETWORK. He worked their for over 22 years, and did just about anything from sales promotions, advertising, photography, set design, point of sales posters, entry forms & boxes, posters, billboards and much more. Now he’s taking his love for music (disco,soul,r&b,philly soul,dance, funk etc.) and fusing it with his love for art by taking many favorite songs he treasured growing up and redesigning them for today’s music connoisseurs while retaining the essence of the originals. He also uses his love of music to educate and help people about HIV and AIDS awareness.


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