Get Your Dance On Fundraiser Recap

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Last month, Dance Parade was honored to be the charitable beneficiary of the Get Your Dance On (GYDO) Party. A big thanks to Natasha of GYDO and Sascha of Flavorpill for contributing over $1000 of their profits that will go toward the marketing and production the next parade.

As far as benefit parties go, the venue at the YogaWorks Studio was a first. DJ Barney Iller threw down house and dub step downstairs. There was a full room of live drum & dance upstairs and the Didge Project played in the chill-out room. The ultimate chill-out was happening in the saunas.
Jonathan Horan, icon of the 5 Rhythms classes, was a notable guest and got to thank Dance Parade’s Bobby Speakerwire for doing surgery on one of their speakers. Notable dancers of the evening included Chilaires from Dance of Venus and Audie from BellyRhythm, Parashakti from Dance of Liberation and Jeanine from JourneyDance.
From the Dance Parade team, Sarah Haley organized the DP booth and the NYDP (New York Dance Police) of Lisa, Greg, Bobby and Verun were out in full force, ticketing partygoers for not dancing.



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