join the nydp at the halloween parade!

are you tough enough to join the new york dance police?


As you undoubtedly know, the NYC Hallowe’en boogies up 6th Ave this Sunday, culminating in a big party free to participants at Webster Hall.  Like the Dance Parade, the Mermaid Parade, and West Indian American Day Parade & Carnival it represents one of the most exciting and creative celebrations of the passion, energy and creativity of life and love in New York City.

In doing so, it brings together some of the most vital, exciting and generously imaginative people we’ve ever met.

The Dance Police will be deployed to hand out pre-printed tickets, designed to mimic NYPD summonses, to people along the parade route and in the park who we see NOT dancing or having fun.

click to rsvp on facebook!

The tickets also feature coupons for free or reduced rate dance classes and services.  Our general mission will be to enliven both events in a fun and interactive fashion by engaging the public, but we can also serve as liaisons between the parade and the NYPD and other city workers.

We’ll meet at 405 Broadway, just below Canal at 6pm.  We’ll costume up and store stuff at an office across the street.  $13 costume cost for hat, whistle, NYDP tickets, badge and nametag–get your $10 back if you return your hat– Just bring a pen and wear black or navy police wear (shirts/trousers), leather pants or girls in skirts/stockings! 

We’re asking Dance Police volunteers to bring anything police-like that they may own in the way of costuming to the training so we can try to start to pull together a unified look. This can be anything from a baton to a crossing guard’s sash, with funny and/or sexy looks a plus.

Please RSVP so that we can get a count of our force.  Looking forward to meeting you.
Courtesy, Provocativeness (with a smile) , Respect,


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