Dance Parade 2011 Season Has Begun!


photos by anita saha





Adrenaline driven.

Promoting dance as a galvanizing art force, Dance Parade showcases dance in all its forms, educates the public about opportunities to experience dance, and celebrates the diversity of dance through a city-wide dance parade and festival, in the art and entertainment capitol of the world, New York city.

On May 22nd 2011, Dance Parade celebrates its fifth year of hosting the most exciting dance and diverse event in the United States. More than 10,000 dancers, representing 80 styles of dance will boogie, pop, lock and jitterbug their way through the heart of Manhattan.

Be a STAR and join us on Broadway for the start of the event and be sure to stay for DanceFest in Tompkins Square Park. Free dance lessons, stage performances, and drum circles await.

Register today at and promote your dance troupe, school or club. Dance Parade only comes along once a year. Don’t miss it!

interested in volunteering?  please send an email to or visit our ‘participate‘ page


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