dance parade 2010 recap by josephus tudtud

check out this amazing, amazing recap video of dance parade 2010. the dust has cleared and the recap of the event is about to be constructed. this certainly is a brilliant premonition of things to come. it was an amazing feeling to be part of such a momentous new york city occasion and we’re glad someone with such skills behind the camera took it upon themselves to do such grand work. we are truly honoured!

click image to see the video on vimeo

2010 NYC Dance Parade from Josephus Tudtud on Vimeo.

I was able to meet the founder of the Parade, Greg Miller, who had asked me if I can produce a trailer for 2011 Dance Parade. This is what I showed him.

I give credit to Bryan, who I interviewed at the Parade and showed me his Dance Parade shirt which said

“On This Day, Let Dance show you the way”. The original title has been revised to reflect this. Thanks Bryan!


Shot Entirely with Canon T2i


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