share your work with dance parade!

THANK YOU for attending the 4th Annual Dance Parade New York on Saturday. It was a smashing event and we’re so pleased that all of you helped us make it that way.

Sharing your work with Dance Parade:

1) While our team is monitoring for coverage we’d greatly appreciate it if you send a link to any stories you’ve written, blog posts or photo blurbs as a result of your footage of the parade and festival.

2) We’re looking to have a section under photos where we can put a link to your flickr or another photo sharing site where you’ve posted all of your pictures so please send us this link. We might also list these on our blog.

3) PHOTOGRAPHERS – if you’d like to share your pictures with Dance Parade for us to use on our website and to offer for press stories we’d ask you use your professional eye and choose your top 5 favorite pictures and send to us. We will give you photo credit. Please follow the following criteria for choosing and sending us your photos:

a. If you know the name of the group in the photograph please title the picture the name of the group, and title the pictures with 2010.

b. We’re specifically looking for photos that noticeably show the parade is taking place in New York, showcasing buildings as the backdrop.

c. Pictures that show happy dancers/faces and capture dance movement.

d. Pictures that capture the crowds and floats

e. We’d like to see festival pictures where Dance Parade signage is noticeable (especially on stage A), large gatherings of dancers and spectators, or crowds joining in with dance lessons.

4) VIDEOGRAPHERS – We had quite a few requests for b-roll this year in advance to the parade. We’d love to see 3-5 min video montages that you produce from that parade. We’ll post these on our blog, facebook page and website. Additionally, if you’ve posted them on your sites or youtube pages please send us the link so that we can reference.

Thanks again and we look forward to seeing you in 2011.

please email with all inquiries and submissions


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