dance parade featured in time out ny

Own This City

Your perfect weekend: May 21–23

By Amy Plitt, Jonathan Shannon and Audrey Tempelsman

Shimmy, two-step and sh-shake it like a Polaroid picture during the celebration of movement, the New York Dance Parade (Parade begins on Broadway at 20th St;; 1pm; free). What started in reaction to the city’s draconian cabaret law—which prohibits dancing in any space that serves food or drinks, unless the establishment has a (notoriously hard-to-obtain) license—has turned into an all-out boogie-woogie fiesta. Thousands of revelers will join in the festivities by dancing in the streets or atop floats (you must sign up in advance to participate), and the organizers boast that more than 60 different styles of dancing will be represented (including ballroom, salsa and roller disco). The parade culminates at a festival in Tompkins Square Park, aptly titled DanceFest (3–7pm), which will feature lessons and performances by the Amy Marshall Dance Company and more.


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  1. its hard to read…use a contrasting colored font or move the pic to the side -m

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