international dance day is tomorrow!!!

click here to buy tickets…the price goes up at the door!!

Each year Dance Parade hosts a fun-raiser on International Dance Day that both raises awareness of dance and the necessary funds for the annual Dance Parade and Festival at Tompkins Square Park.  Join us in celebrating this momentous occasion.

In 1982 the United Nations set out to promote and raise awareness of dance by marking April 29th International Dance Day.  This occasion unites millions of people around the world to advance this expressive and unifying art form.  Since 2006 Dance Parade, Inc. has joined this worldwide chorus by organizing and promoting the nations only dance parade, where thousands of dancers from across the dance spectrum parade down Broadway in a stunning display of joy and celebration.

Stepping Out Studios will host this year’s event in their grand ballroom on Saturday April 24th from 8PM to11PM.  Guests to this event will enjoy drinks, hors d’oeuvres and live entertainment.  Each year Dance Parade uses the International Dance Day fun-raiser to highlight dance groups who have registered for the upcoming parade and allows event guests a preview of what is to come – a “taste of Dance Parade!”


Proceeds from this International Dance Day celebrations will help to secure stage, sound and other necessary equipment for a successful Dance Parade and Festival at Tompkins Square Park.


If you do not purchase online, you can still pay at the door for an entry fee of $30.  Donations above $50 receive complimentary drinks, and for $100 donations, additional offer of one VIP seating at the grand stand at the day of the parade.


Elizabeth Zimmer

Ellenore Scott


Barbara Anglisz

Melchor Alvarez

Sid and Anne Iyer

Jules Cazedessus

Andrew Krauss

Jack Lehnert

Greg Miller

Anne & Phil Ribolow

Joon Shin

Erik Bryan Slavin


Stepping Out Studio’s Simone Assboeck & Meredith Stead: Hustle

Lea McGowan with Shane Ohmer: Contemporary Dance Artistry

Ayazamana: Ecuadorian Folk

Belly Rhythm:  Middle Eastern

Dance Manhattan:  Ballroom

NYC Flaggers:  Flag Dance

`Avei`a:  Polynesian

Vanya’s Kuchipudi Dance Ensemble:  Classical Indian

(no website yet)

Nzassa Dance Company:  African

SILENT AUCTION (will be listed in the coming days)


Melchor Alvarez, Managing Director


Amber Henrie/Kristin DeGroat


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