volunteer spotlight

the creative ninja himself...brian k. austin!

Brian Austin, Dance Parade Creative Director

We caught up with Brian and asked him some special questions.Here’s what the Dance Parade veteran let us in on…

How did you first stumble upon Dance Parade?
When dance parade wasfirst starting up, I was asked by a fellow member to give some creative aid to dance parade and I have been involved ever since the beginning.

Volunteering at a non profit organization can at times be daunting and frustrating with limited personel and limited funding….what is it that keeps you coming back for more and more?

I feel that I am doing this for an amazing cause. The idea of dance has much more to offer than simple eye candy and entertainment. It teaches, it encourages, it inspires, and it forms community. So for every hour that I spend a day doing creative’s for Dance Parade as well as joining in team meetings and more, I know that when we complete our goal in putting together not only a successful parade, we are planting a seed in New York that will grow into a strong beautiful tree with its roots spread far and wide. Yes.. it feels good.

Describe your most special memory from Dance Parades past?
Leading the parade in Dance Parade 2009 holding up the dance parade banner with fellow Volunteers… Priceless.

What salesman pitch would you use to attract a new volunteer into the magic that is Dance Parade?
“Do you got groove? Well I got something for you… dance parade! Join me and my team to help put groove back into!”

For the full interview please visit our Volunteer Spotlight Page.

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