parade route has changed!

After three years of gathering between 27th and 28th Street between Broadway and Sixth Avenue, the NYPD has requested that we begin our festivities a little further downtown.  The Parade will kick off at 1pm and we shall be collecting our rhythmic forces on Broadway between 20th and 21st streets instead.

Then we will boogie our way down Broadway, Hula, Swing and Irish Step our way past Union Square and onto University Place. At Eighth Street we will Salsa, Tango and Waltz East onto Saint Marks Place. Our House, Techno and Disco floats will have afternoon shoppers wigglin as they watch us get down in the heart of the East Village. Staying on point from there brings us to our climax at Tompkins Square Park for DanceFest! At DanceFest we will come together and celebrate: watching free dance performances on the stage, participate in free dance lessons around the park and work up a sweat at a gigantic Dance Party. For a map of the parade route and more details please click here.

One Response to “parade route has changed!”

  1. I’d love to document behind the scenes

    who do i contact ?


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