help us keep the beat going on and on…

vertical skyscraper banner

here are some Dance Parade 2010 creative campaign graphics for you to use on your own website, blog, social networking sites and in your email signatures.  getting people to register for the parade is one incredible task on its own, but getting the word out to make sure the sidewalks on either side of Broadway are packed with spectators soaking in the magic of the parade is a job that everyone can help out with.

please use these graphics wherever you see fit.  help spread the word that Dance Parade is coming!  if you have attended the parade during one or all three of the past years, you most likely don’t need convincing of how amazing that day in May feels from the tips of your fingers down to the tips of your toes.  the rhythmic beats and the rhythmic movements and the rhythmic reaction of over a hundred styles of dance, cultural traditions, nationalities, ages, shapes, sizes, occupations, denominations and any other manmade devices used strictly to divide and segregate moves and twists into one sound and that sound reverberates from the beginning of the parade, down, down, down into tompkins square park and bounces around and around until it touches every single person, refreshing them, replenishing whatever they were missing and reinvigorating their love for life.

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horizontal dance parade banner

postcard back

full size 11x17 poster

postcard front

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