from the archives

the following is a historical press release prior to the very first Dance Parade in 2007!!

one of the very first ads for the very first Dance Parade!!


A Legendary Event in the Making: Celebrities on Parade, Broadway Added to Parade Route

March 20, 2007, New York City – In compliance with New York’s controversial moratorium for new parades on Fifth Avenue, Dance Parade will now begin on Broadway and 32 nd Street, joining Fifth Avenue at 13 th Street and ending in Washington Square Park. “We are thrilled to have Broadway as part of our parade route”, explains Liat Tamam, PR and Communications Director. “Broadway is the oldest and longest street in Manhattan and the place where New Yorkers and the world come to celebrate. It’s the street on which legends are made, and you can bet the first Dance Parade in New York City will be legendary.”

The godfather of hip-hop, DJ Kool Herc is on board with a float, as well as the original B-boys and pioneers of breakdance “The Twins” Keith and Kevin Smith. The most renowned dance schools in Manhattan will participate in Dance Parade, such as Dance Manhattan, Sandra Cameron Dance Center, Dancesport and Stepping Out Studios.

This first ever event of its scope and scale includes dancers of all forms – Salsa to Square Dance, Sufi to Samba and Shaman to Swing. Each of 33 dance styles will be accompanied by a variety of musical genres including live bands and DJs. To date, over 90 dance groups representing over 4,500 dancers have registered. Float line-up will begin at 10am between Broadway and Fifth Avenue on 32 nd Street. The event begins at 1pm. The Parade will culminate in Washington Square Park where there will be a Dance Festival on four stages until 8pm.

Produced by Dance Parade Inc., a volunteer-staffed nonprofit organization, the event aims to increase awareness of the benefits of dance as well as number of venues where dancing is legal . Unlike music, film, theater or painting, social dance is not deemed an expressive form of art according to a New York State Supreme Court ruling on cabaret laws. By showcasing the history and creativity of social dance, Dance Parade aims to prove otherwise.

For more information about Dance Parade Inc, participants or volunteering, please visit

'a taste of dance parade' flyer for the first "fun"raiser on april 15, 2007!


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  1. dance schools that also offers free yoga classes would be very very nice ,~.

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